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About Us

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide superior care to our patients through the quality teamwork of our healthcare professionals who are committed to service, excellence, integrity, and accountability.

Gateway Medical Center
710 N Euclid St
Anaheim, CA 92801
Monday through Friday
Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (714) 517-2000

Gateway Medical Center in Anaheim, CA

An Independent multi-specialty medical practice serving Anaheim since 1984

When you and your family need medical care, it is important to know you are in qualified and capable hands. Gateway has different locations throughout the Anaheim area to meet your care needs with a caring doctors and staff.
Our team has been serving Anaheim and the surrounding areas since 1984. With services ranging from family practice to physical therapy, we offer a wide range of care for you and your loved ones.

Anaheim Urgent Care

There are days when you or one of your loved ones wakes up sick and needs to get to the doctor right away, but it’s not a life-threatening emergency. On those days it’s important to know you have an urgent care facility in your area to go to for care.
Our Anaheim Urgent Care center is open seven days a week to help you whether you have a painful ear infection or other non-emergent medical concern that just won’t wait for medical assistance.

Anaheim Medical Center

The 34,000 square foot Gateway Medical Center in Anaheim is ready to serve you with your family’s health needs. We are your trusted Anaheim health care center offering services such as Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Physical Therapy, and Radiology.

Anaheim Hills Medical Group Location

Our Anaheim Hills Medical Center is located approximately 13 miles from our main campus. This location has three physicians providing patient care for Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Allergic Disorders and Immunology.
We understand the importance of understanding exactly what is happening with your body when you experience uncomfortable symptoms. Let our Anaheim Hills medical group staff and physicians help you to feel better as soon as possible!

We invite you to meet the Anaheim doctors who practice at our various Anaheim health care locations. Call today for more information!

Gateway Medical Center - Anaheim Hills
Gateway Medical Center
Gateway Urgent Care Center

Contact Numbers

Anaheim Hills (Drs. Blanco, Khin, Lauridsen) - 500 S Anaheim Hills Rd, Ste 230, Anaheim, CA 92807 - 714.974.2820

Internal Medicine / Family Practice (Drs. Geula and Gonzalez) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 101 - 714.517.2100

Pediatrics (Drs. Nath and Tandon) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 106 - 714.991.8700

Internal Medicine / Family Practice (Dr. Shah and Provider Extenders) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 107 - 714.533.4511

Physical Therapy (Hirota) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 214 - 714.517.2238

Family Practice (Drs. Mirzabozorg and Le Clercq) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 214 - 714.522.2891

Internal Medicine (Drs. Hur, Jeon and Nguyen) - 710 N Euclid, Suite 301 - 714.991.8650

Urgent Care - 1006 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA  92801 - 714.778.3838

Occupational Medicine - 1006 W La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA  92801 - 714.520.5858

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