This first week of December is a week of awareness and information is brought to you by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC. The CDC is one of the most well known organizations in the world when it comes to preventing outbreaks and sharing information about diseases.

The Flu (Influenza) is one of the most pervasive and wide-spread viral diseases on the planet. It circles the globe yearly around winter, changing as it goes. That’s why year after year, you should get a new vaccination. Each new strain can put you into bed, or worse, in the hospital each year as it finds new ways to get around your immune system.

Influenza is a virus. What does that mean? It means that antibiotics wont help you from staving off the flu. The best way to keep from getting sick is to get a vaccine. The more people that do, the safer everyone is. Its a process called herd immunity. Less people vulnerable to the virus means that they’re farther apart, and the people unable to have the vaccine are less likely to get sick. A vaccine isn’t only for you, but for those around you who may have a compromised immune system..

Some people have been skeptical of whats in a vaccine, and afraid that it might do more harm than good. That is not the case.

A vaccine is a dead version of a virus or a disease, one that your body can learn from. Its like studying an answer key before a big test. The teacher may mix the questions up, but you’re much more likely to succeed when it comes around. All that’s in a vaccine are some stabilizing agents to carry it, and either dead or weakened viral cells or cell-parts. They help the body learn what the virus looks like this year and help it be ready when the real thing is floating around.

Dont wait- Get your vaccination early in the winter. Consult your primary care physician in order to schedule a vaccine and make sure that youre protected for the season. If you cant wait, visit our Urgent Care facility for immediate treatment!

Be well!

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