Give the best gift possible to a Valentine this year! Started by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Heart Month is all about protecting your heart and keeping it healthy. Heart attacks and heart problems are the number one cause of death of anyone on the planet, not just in the United States.

The heart is one of the hardest working muscles in your body. It pumps all the time, on its own. Your brain doesn’t even need to control it for it to force blood through your veins. But it can get tired, worn out, or the arteries around it can get clogged and damaged. That damage and wear can lead to heart attacks, clots, and other issues that can put you in a hospital- or a grave. 30% of all deaths on the planet are attributed to heart issues.

Many heart conditions are manageable or preventable. You can visit your doctor to have regular heart checkups. Ask questions, tell them about any odd fluttering or tightness you may feel, or anything out of the ordinary at all even if it seems minor to you.

Other steps are simple, such as healthier meals. Lower salt content in your food can help with heart health, as can exercising a few times a week. A short walk of 15-30 minutes to a local park can help prevent a lot of health problems. Don’


t smoke, and take any medication in the exact amount and at the right time as your doctor tells you to.

Just doing a few simple things may just help keep your heart healthy. With a healthy heart, you can spend more years with your family and friends. Contact your primary care doctor today to get a checkup and talk about options for your heart. Give your valentine the greatest gift, having you around for longer! If you need immediate care, the Gateway Urgent Care Center is here for you.

Be well!

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